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Next stop saw us at Coventry Motofest. Coventry Motofest is a unique event in that it takes place within Coventry city itself! Do your shopping and watch a Wall of Death show, perfect! All aspect of motoring is showcased at this event and we was a great hit. The position is also perfect as we are situated right next to the pub :) 

I say perfect but in true reality building up in the town on a small parcel of grass with coventry shoppers busy with their day you most certainly have to have eyes in the back of your head. But! being the true professionals that we are, we get the job done. 

The tree above the Wall and the high pollen count meant all the team, hayfever sufferers and not were feeling the wrath. The show was great though and we enjoyed fab crowds, many of whom had never seen a wall of death before. Sunday fun day done and the guys pulled down in a quieter coventry centre as families flocked home to enjoy sunday dinners.

We worked late into the night to get pulled down a...