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Welcome to the Original Wall of Death - The oldest surviving Wall of Death in the UK!

The Wall of Death has been synonymous with speed and danger since it's conception back in the early part of the 20th century. The Original Wall of Death harks back to those early days, with the Wall being constructed in 1928, and the bikes, Indian Scouts, made in 1921.

All those who see the show will remember it for the rest of their life. The noise, the speed, the smell, the proximity of the bikes ridden to the top of the wall, barely 6 inches from the audience - an experience never to be forgotten!



Ever wondered how the Wall of Death got there? Now you can! See how the Wall is put together stage by stage, resulting in the show you see before you. 


This wall originated in 1928 when lions and bears used to ride along side the main drivers! Read the history of this wall as it passes through time into the hands of the fox family. 


Dipping and diving, Trick and stunt riding and the Hell Riders race! Our show is a fun thrilled action packed event, and all on a vertical wall! Dont believe us take a sneak peek.